Word Counts for Your Favourite Regency Romance Novels

Ever wanted to know the word counts for your favourite Regency romance novels?

As I was reading Sylvester today, I had a question that even Google could not answer me – what was the word count of this Heyer classic? As someone who attempts to write novels in the genre, I was interested for myself to see how long Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen novels were, so I thought that maybe others were also. Hopefully they are of use or interest for writers and fans alike!

The shortest Georgette Heyer novel came in in the high 87,000’s with April Lady (87,853), closely followed by Black Sheep (88,681) and Faro’s Daughter (88,743). This is a pretty similar length to Austen’s Persuasion (87,978), but Northanger Abbey is much shorter at 77, 815.

On the other side of the spectrum, the longest Heyer novel listed below is Frederica (133,851) with Austen’s longer novels pushing far past that number, Emma (155,887) and Mansfield Park (159, 526). 

Apologies if I have missed any of your Heyer favourites- I could only do the ones I had as eBooks, so it is unfortunately not exhaustive. If you know of any not on here, I would love to hear about it – please comment below!

From shortest to longest, here are the full lists.


Georgette Heyer:

April Lady: 87,853
Black Sheep: 88,681
Faro’s Daughter: 88,743
The Convenient Marriage: 89,651
Charity Girl: 89,703
The Masqueraders: 91,909
The Talisman Ring: 92,058
The Black Moth: 94,354
Devil’s Cub: 94,889
Sprig Muslin: 95,217
Arabella: 98,594
The Toll-Gate: 98,917
Lady of Quality: 101,804
The Nonesuch: 105,743
The Quiet Gentleman: 105,880
False Colours: 108,518
These Old Shades: 109,162
Bath Tangle: 112,853
The Grand Sophy: 115,210
Sylvester: 119,726
Venetia: 122,724
Cousin Kate: 124,776
Regency Buck: 125,625
Friday’s Child: 132,273
Frederica: 133,851

Average word count: 105,148

Total word count from 25 books: 2,628,714

Jane Austen:

Lady Susan: 23, 021
Northanger Abbey: 77, 815
Persuasion: 87,978
Sense and Sensibility: 119,394
Pride and Prejudice: 120, 697
Emma: 155,887
Mansfield Park: 159, 526

Average word count**: 120,216

**Not including the Lady Susan novella.


Remember if there are any word counts for your favourite Regency romances that I’ve missed, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. 🙂

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  1. July 25, 2017

    Summer Reply

    Thanks. This is great. I was looking and couldn’t find these word counts anywhere. Most of Heyer books are longer than I expected. It makes me think how time doesn’t matter when you’re having fun because I have enjoyed most of these books and never thought of how many pages I went through!

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