Listen to Richard Armitage Reading Heyer Novels and Your Loins Will Catch Fire

If you’re familiar with the BBC mini-series adaptation of North and South or BBC’s Robin Hood 2006 TV series, then you might know of the pants-droppingly gorgeous actor Richard Armitage.

He could perfectly portray many of Austen and Heyer’s romantic leading men, if only given the opportunity. Maybe if the BBC finally confirm the film rights for Georgette’s regency romances, we can melt our hearts then.

Here’s a gif of him looking gorgeous:



And another, just to make sure the point gets across:



Part of what is so attractive about dear Richard is his deep, gravelly voice.

Thank god he’s putting it to good use by doing some of Heyer’s audiobooks. 

He’s done three that I know of: Venetia, Sylvester and The Convenient Marriage.

You can buy them here.

P.S. The Convenient Marriage is currently free ~unofficially~ via Youtube.

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  1. April 14, 2016

    Heidi - Team Freddie Reply

    Must give out a shoutout to Phyllida Nash and her reading of Cotillion on Audible, especially her characterization of Kitty’s cousin Camille. If Armitage ever bests her reading of Camille and his delicious french accent, THEN I will be impressed.

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