Georgette Heyer TV Show in the Works

With all the news going towards the upcoming Grand Sophy film in the works, the television series in-development has remained under the radar. The books being adapted are apparently Faro’s Daughter, Venetia, April Lady, Cotillion, Regency Buck and Arabella. Before we get ahead of ourselves and live in fear/elation about the future of this Georgette Heyer TV show, I’ll give you a run down of all that I know.


IMDb Georgette Heyer TV Show Page

On IMDb, there is a TV Series entry called Georgette Heyer. The date it’s got is (2016—) so by normal IMDb rules we could assume that it’s going to be released sometime this year. Considering there hasn’t been any publicity about it and we’re already at September, I can’t imagine that it’s coming that soon. The genre put as ‘TV Series – Romance’.

I have an IMDb pro account so I can see a little more information about this potential Georgette Heyer TV show than is seen on the regular site. The summary is “Book-to-screen adaptations of Georgette Heyer’s most famous Regency Romance novels”. It’s been in-development, with status as ‘script’, since February 9, 2015. The writer and producer is listed as Katharina Otto-Bernstein and the company is credited to Film Manufacturers Inc.

Under, ‘Also Known As’, the name is Georgette Heyer in the country of the United Kingdom, so we can assume that it would be released in the UK as well as the US (where I believe Katharina is based).


Production Company: Film Manufacturers Inc (FMI)

Katharina Otto-Bernstein
Katharina Otto-Bernstein

On the Film Manufacturers Inc website, they credit Katharina Otto-Bernstein as the founder and president of the company:

She has since distinguished herself as a writer, director and producer of critically acclaimed, award- winning films that have been presented at festivals and theatres around the world.

International releases include Absolute Wilson, Beautopia, The Need for Speed, Coming Home, When Night Falls Over Moscow and The Second Greatest Story Ever Told.

Otto-Bernstein is also the author of the Robert Wilson memoir Absolute Wilson – The Biography and the dramaturge of Karole Armitage’s upcoming Fables on Global Warming ballet.”

But most importantly, the bio has this nugget of info:

“Otto-Bernstein has adapted three of Georgette Heyer’s novels – Regency Buck, Arabella and Faro’s Daughter – into screenplays, currently in joint development between FMI and Filmpool Fiction.”

Furthermore, under their projects in development section, they have written:

FMI and Filmpool Fiction are developing and producing six of the most popular Regency Romance novels by best-selling author Georgette Heyer. The books currently being adapted into screenplays are: Faro’s Daughter, Venetia, April Lady, Cotillion, Regency Buck and Arabella.

Producers: Film Manufacturers Inc., Filmpool Fiction

Screenwriter: Katharina Otto-Bernstein”

Filmpool Fiction, who is co-producing, is a German production company, so maybe it’s going to be all in German? Who knows. I understood that the BBC held the film rights for all the Georgette Heyer Regency novels, so perhaps they’re stuck at the script stage as they haven’t obtained the rights. Or perhaps they can get around the BBC holding the rights, by obtaining the German rights instead?

I tried emailing the US PR rep for FMI but the email address had permanent failure, so no hope there.

UPDATE (11/9/16): I’ve emailed Katharina Otto-Bernstein who replied within a couple of hours (!) and she said that unfortunately she can’t reveal anything as they are in the early stages of development. However, she thanked me for the support and said that she’d update me along the way.

If anyone has heard of any other rumours about the potential Georgette Heyer TV show, feel free to give me a shout at, comment below or contact me via the Jane to Georgette Facebook page – I’d love to hear from you!

Is it too soon to start fantasy casting?

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  1. February 15, 2017

    Tess Reply

    I have been re-reading her works, obsessively, since I found them available through Outlook, a provider of free ebooks through my local library. I’m addicted.Those not on Outlook I get in hardcover through the library. Just finished The Talisman Ring and laughed my way through, when I wasn’t worried about Ludovic being captured. ?
    Wish I could see that on stage or film. Great fun.
    Saw Lifeline Theater’s presentation several years ago in Chicago. Still remember how this tiny gem of a theater dealt with the fight scene…Pillow fight.

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