From Best to Worst: The Ranking of Georgette Heyer Book Covers

Not all of Heyer’s book covers have been great (and some she didn’t even like!), while some are fan favourites. Below is a list of almost* all the Georgette Heyer book cover series over time (only in English).

* I.e. All the ones I could track down on the internet. If you have different copies I’d love to hear from you!

Vote your favourites up and push down the series you like less. The ranking is totally calculated by public vote, so will change depending on what the fans think.

Do you have a favourite in this ranking of Georgette Heyer book covers? What’s your collection like? 🙂 Within my family (see the top photo of the article), we have a rather eclectic mix, but personally I only really own the Random House 2004 series.


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