8 Things You Didn’t Know About Georgette Heyer, Queen of Regency

While many throughout the years have read the timeless works of Georgette Heyer, the Queen of Regency, not all know about her somewhat troubled life.

1. Georgette Heyer first started writing a serial to entertain her sickly brother.

That’s how The Black Moth was written. It was the beginning of everything, really.

2. She followed her husband to East Africa in 1927. They lived in a hut of elephant grass.

3. While in Africa, she wrote The Masqueraders.

Even though she didn’t have all her reference material she only made one anachronism (the opening year of White’s).

4. She once almost perished at the hand of a dentist in Macedonia, after they improperly administered her anaesthetic.

5. By the time she died, she had over 1000 historical reference books.

No wonder her fictional worlds where so historically accurate.

6. Due to financial troubles during WWII, Georgette sold the rights for These Old Shades, Devil’s Cub and Regency Buck to Heinemann, her publisher for the measly sum of 750 pounds.

7. Georgette had a lot of financial and tax problems.

At one point she formed a limited liability company in an attempt to fix this.

7. After a run of health issues, Georgette died from lung cancer, which was allegedly attributed to the 60-80 cigarettes she smoked (but apparently didn’t inhale) every day.

8. She never liked talking to the press or promoting her books, after a newspaper strike in 1926 failed to affect her normal book sales.

All hail the Queen of Regency, Georgette Heyer!


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